This was one of those poems that just comes to you all at once. I wrote this the week I started hormone replacement therapy, an important step in affirming my gender identity. Excited as I was, I was questioning what taking this step said about my identity. It’s not that I wasn’t confident in my choice — it was the opposite, actually. Because I don’t need to transition in this way — or any other — in order for my identity to be valid. Our identities are made up of so many things and, for me, hormones are just one part of that. That’s not to say they’re not an important and vital part. But my identity — especially as a trans woman — is about so much more than my body. Starting hormones helped me understand that and moved me to start exploring what else I’m made of.

and skin
and bones;
my skeleton;
a heart that
beats and
blood that

lungs that
breathe and
wounds that
my body and
what lies
a skull
a mind
the words
i speak

who i am
who i
to be
my heart
my soul
my energy

do i define
these things i find?
does fate decide
my identity?

who i
am who i
choose to

i don’t know
so i just

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Author: eve

I'm a 25 year-old trans woman, on a journey towards discovering and creating myself — and my life. (In other words, I'm having a quarter-life crisis and totally freaking out.) I love writing about my experiences, pop culture, feminism, LGBT issues, new-agey pseudo spirituality and the random, unexpected moments of chaos and clarity that life always seems to throw your way.