25 Funny and Relatable Allison Raskin Tweets

Allison Raskin is an actress and comedian best known as one-half of the comedy duo behind the hit YouTube show “Just Between Us.” In the series, Allison shows off her comedy chops, while speaking frankly about her experiences with depression, anxiety and struggling to keep up with social media. Though her JBU co-star Gaby Dunn is widely considered to be an LGBTQ icon and the most social-media savvy of the pair, ironically, as a queer trans woman living with mental illness, I can’t help but relate to Allison the most — and her hilarious Twitter feed is one of the reasons why.

As someone who shares Allison’s bewilderment with social media, I didn’t think to follow her on Twitter until I had already spent months binging JBU videos. But when I finally did, I went on a liking and retweeting spree — her tweets are real, relatable and straight-up uproarious.

Because I couldn’t retweet all the tweets I liked without my Twitter profile turning into an Allison Raskin fan page, I thought I’d share some of them here.

Does this mean my self confidence is fragile or am I just that busted?

That’s one way to keep the spark alive.

Immortality is a fate worse than death.

Read between the lines!

I was not ready for this change! I used to be a beacon of youthful beauty.

I mean, you’ll lose weight either way, sooo…

Why can’t it be easier to completely change who you are as a person?

You can compliment my sense of humor, since I clearly have great taste in funny twitters to follow.

Story. Of. My. Life.

I mean, how can you be sure people hear your cry for help if you don’t plan every detail?

Take THAT, haters!

That’s called personal growth.

This tweet is too real. I can’t even think of a sassy commentary. (Yes, I’ve been trying to be sassy this whole time.)

There’s never a dull moment with me and my bipolar depression!

The excitement usually lasts until I post the #makeuphaul Insta.

Honestly, why did we even buy that lipstick?

I like to call this “having big dreams.” My therapist prefers “delusions,” but that’s pretty much the same thing, right?

All day. Err day.

Don’t be fooled by those fab Instagram posts!

K, but seriously, what even is friendship if not constantly thinking of and talking to a person?

???????????????? SHOPPING. ???? IS. ???? SELF. ???? CARE. ????????????????

I mean, it’s only polite…

Eyes before guys.

I just can’t decide if I’m ready to commit to a life with myself.

Honestly, it cant be said enough.

If you enjoyed these tweets, be sure to follow Allison on Twitter and subscribe to the JBU YouTube channel for more hilarity.

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