A Bar at Noon

I wrote the first two verses of this poem last summer. I was in my second year of legit adulthood, working and living on my own, and I was struggling to find my place. I would go out a lot, mostly to this one bar about a block away from my apartment, just to get out of the house — and out of my head — yet I never really found what I was looking for. One day, when I was walking around the block, having a smoke, I passed by my regular bar and it looked totally different in the light of day. That was the first inspiration for this poem. Something about the image of an empty bar in bright light connected with me. I added the second verse earlier this year and then finally added the last part a few weeks ago. I finally feel like it’s complete and it expresses something I’m not sure I have the words to describe any other way.

My heart is
a bar at noon
on a Sunday;
except for the energy
that’s lingering

And love is
a landmark
I might return to
a place
I swear I’ve been
before but
I’m not sure
I’ve really seen

And I can still remember
the faces, the laughter
people getting plastered
beautiful disasters

But now the party’s over and
everybody’s gone home
I’m sitting here all alone
Where’d the magic go?

My heart is a car
on the highway;
while the world
keeps on flying
by me

And all I really want
is to find
my own place;
I don’t care if I’m
just as long
as I’m moving

And all I can remember is
blurred lines
and static
street signs
and traffic, bright lights and

But now it’s all gone
quiet and
the streets are empty
I tried to run and hide but
I can’t escape
this feeling

My heart
is a star flickering
in the distance;
almost invisible, shining
just bright enough to see

That something so large
can seem so small
reflects on my existence;
because love feels
so far away but
it’s surrounding me

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Author: eve

I'm a 25 year-old trans woman, on a journey towards discovering and creating myself — and my life. (In other words, I'm having a quarter-life crisis and totally freaking out.) I love writing about my experiences, pop culture, feminism, LGBT issues, new-agey pseudo spirituality and the random, unexpected moments of chaos and clarity that life always seems to throw your way.